The greatest sermon ever preached was preached by the Lord Jesus on the Mount. It is therefore called "The Sermon on the Mount."

It is our position that this sermon is for believers today, as well as for those in the future.

We pray these messages will bea real blessing to you.




KJV and TR Greek Text on Pulpit

The Beatitudes

Introduction to the Beatitudes Matthew 5:1,2

Happy are the Poor in Spirit Matthew 5:3

Happy Are They That Mourn Matthew 5:4

Happy are the Meek Matthew 5:5

Happy Are the Hungry Matthew 5:6

Happy Are the Merciful Matthew 5:7

Happy Are the Pure in Heart Matthew 5:8

Happy Are The Harassed Matthew 5:10

Happy Are the Peacemakers Matthew 5:9

The Salt of the Earth Matthew 5:13

The Light of the World Matthew 5:14-16