The Theme:

The Purpose:

Our sincere prayer:

is that this series of messages will help you, dear friend, to REJOICE in the Lord whatever your circumstances may be.





KJV and TR Greek Text on Pulpit


Ruth, A Story of Love and Grace

Ruth 1:1-5 "The Prodigal Family"

Ruth 1:6-16a "Finding True Rest"

Ruth 1:16,17 "Ruth Returning"

Ruth 1:9-22 "A Scarred, Saddened Saint"

Ruth 2:1-7 "In Boaz's Field"

Ruth 2:8-13 "Loving Encouragement"

Ruth 2:14 "Come and Eat of the Bread"

Ruth 2:15-19 "Handfuls of Purpose"

Ruth 3

Ruth 4:1-10 "The Able Redeemer"

Ruth 4:11-22 "The Completion of the Blessing"