"And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do. . . ."
(1 Chronicles 12:32)


We have provided a list of sites that we believe will be of benefit to the Lord's people.

Like everything in life, we ask you to exercise discernment and weigh everything you read and hear by the Word of God.

The Bible must always sit in judgment upon all, and never be judged by any!




church building


The list of websites, articles, and information below are some we believe will be informative to our friends.

The list below does not constitute an endorsement of everything found on those websites. : A Christian Camp that truly honors the Lord. Check it out, you won't find an equal in our estimation! This is a link to Dr. Gary Gilley's book reviews. Dr. Gilley is a scholarly writer who I agree with for the most part. (That statement could be applied to many people. The only writing I agree with 100% is the infallible Word of God, the Bible!) Having said that, check out Dr. Gilley's reviews. Concerning Dr. Gilley, see above. You will want to read these articles, especially those on "Church Trends". Don't be "ignorant brethren": know how Satan is working among the churches. Along that line, order and read his series of books titled This Little Church.