Victory Baptist Church is an independent Baptist Church that is Word Driven. It is our desire to bring glory to God by exalting the Living Word, Jesus Christ, through the preaching and daily living of the Written Word, the Bible.

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Why? Because this site is not static. It is constantly being updated. The Main Menu Bar and Sub-Menus will be expanded and filled in. There are hundreds of pictures to post and sermons to be uploaded.

Original Short Stories for adults, teens and children will be added over time.

Dr. Donna Bergman is a Department Chair at a Christian university. (See her Biography). Devotionals, as well as articles that focus on children with special needs will be posted under "Dr. Donna".

It takes time, but we are diligently working at it.

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Welcome To:The Word Driven Church

The Word Driven Church

What It Is That Makes Us Word Driven

What It Is That Makes Us Word Driven

A Small Church with a Big Vision!

Our plan is fully spelled out in the menu Bar above under Ministries.

Jesus is Coming Again!

Perhaps Today!

Circumstances have you down? Learn to "Rejoice" in the Midst of it all!

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